A working Email, communication tools and a platform for sharing documents and files is a prerequisite to be able to work in a digital world. Additionally, with the landscape changing in the last couple of years, up to 73% of employees are now expecting a more flexible working environment. With Microsoft for your business you can fulfill your goals faster and easier!

With a market share of over 85% for email, there aren’t many that have missed the opportunity to work with many of Microsofts products. This gives a higher familiarity and shorter introduction period for new hires. There are also other benefits.

So, which are the tools that we, together with Microsoft, can offer you to aid in the transition to a flexible workplace?

Microsoft 365 for Business

The products in the Microsoft 365-segment are made to enhance collaboration in the workplace. Below is a selection of the products included in this package:

Microsoft Teams and Outlook together make a safe and reliable communications and collaboration platform. Whether you need to contact your colleagues or clients, these two products are great tools to keep track of your communications.

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The Office suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more give you the tools to create documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

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SharePoint and OneDrive ensure that all your employees and customers always have access to the documents and files they need. In a time when employees should be able to work as well from home as in the office, or even while travelling these two tools are irreplacable to remain effective.

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With Microsoft Defender and Enterprise Mobility + Security you can easily protect your employees from viruses and other harmful software. If all your devices are secure, the risk of getting hit by Ransomware or other attacks is greatly decreased.

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The benefits of Microsoft for your company

Highly integrated solutions

All software from Microsoft is connected – which gives you an easier workflow.

High familiarity

Your existing employees and new-hires are already familiar with the software, which makes it easier hiring new employees.

High Security

Trusted by state entities as well as large and small businesses to keep their data safe.

If you think that you can benefit from any of the products Microsoft offer, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free assessment and offer.