Once we’ve set up Exclaimer for your organisation, or once you’ve done it yourself, you can then start creating a signature for your users.

Start by logging into the Exclaimer portal and click the “Signatures” item in the left menu.

Click on “Create Signature” to the top right

Choose a template for your signature and customize it to your liking

Once you’ve finished editing the signature to your satisfaction, click the “Save Changes” button to the top right, then click “View all signatures”,

To add the signature to a user, or group of users, in the list of signatures click “Manage” on the signature you want to assign.

Click “Go To Senders” to go to the user configuration

Choose who to apply this signature to, whether to a single user, group or all accounts in your directory.

Click “Save Changes” to the top right, then go to the “Enable”-tab. Click “Apply to emails from all devices..” to apply the signature for all emails sent from any application, and “See before you send” to show the signature in the Outlook desktop application before sending an email. You can also check the boxes under “Apply as default for” to replace any existing user signatures currently in use in Outlook for Desktop. Check the boxes that apply to you, and click “Save Changes” again.

Emails composed in the Outlook web client might not display the signature when composing a new email, instead this will be added afterwards when the email is sent.

You have now applied the signature to your user/s!

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